What If Money Was No Object?

This is the everlasting question that we ask ourselves on a daily basis. What would we do if money were no object? What would we do if money did not exist?

We discuss amongst our friends, over glasses of wine and light-hearted chatter, what we would do with an unlimited amount of money or what our first reactions would be if we were to win the lottery.

Some of us say that we would spend it all, lavish ourselves in designer clothes and eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Others say they would donate the majority to their chosen charity. I would personally develop properties and buy a holiday house in France.

With all this being said, what would society say if this commodity was to be taken out of the equation entirely, removing the correlation between money and success or money and happiness?

What then would citizens do differently? Would their aspirations or whole outlook on life change?

British philosopher and speaker Alan Watts challenges the idea of money being no object in a video posted on YouTube earlier this year.

He asks the question of ‘how would you like to spend your life?’ and dismisses the concept of money being the most important part of someone’s career choice.

‘Better to have a short life full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way’ is just one of the many inspirational quotes spoken by Watts in this short YouTube clip.

The clip itself is full of questions that Watts asks the viewer/listener to consider when looking at their choices for the future. The main quote that seems to resonate throughout the whole clip is:

‘if you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your life completely wasting your time.’

After coming across this video only a few weeks after it cropped up on my Facebook page, it’s a video that I like to look back upon to use as food for thought.

It’s a video that has inspired me in the past to aspire for more, and worry about money later. Being a student, I think that this video is relatable to my peers also in a similar situation concerning student loans, and counting the pennies to afford the weekly food shop.

Claire Stapley

Creator of helpimastudent.com

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