What NOT to wear this Halloween.

With Halloween creeping up on us tomorrow evening (pardon the pun) there seems to be bigger, better, and outright offensive costumes which have been cropping up on the internet in the last couple of weeks.

Understandably, Brits who take this American holiday way too seriously want to out do each other, and this year it seems to be ‘who can offend the online community and British public the most.’

After a post by VICE magazine was tweeted onto my timeline yesterday afternoon, I have taken the time to include just a few of the costumes which have caused a slightly unhealthy debate on timelines and websites in the last couple of days.

Amanda Knox Fashion T-shirt Foxy Knoxy Tee Amanda who Art Portrait Cartoon Illustration Performance Satire Critic Humor Chic by aleXsandro Palombo (4)

Who remembers the story of Amanda Knox? the woman who allegedly murdered Meridith Kercher in 2009 with the help of her (surprise surprise) ex-boyfriend. She is currently undergoing a re-trial in Italy, so probably not one of the best things to go dressed as this halloween.  This disastrous tee is made by aleXsandro Palombo, for his website humourchic.com. Make sure you don’t buy it.

Another costume that kicked up a fuss was the ‘Anna Rexia’ outfit which, as you can see clearly seems to glorify a mental illness which shouldn’t be joked about in any way, shape or form.


The outfit is extra short and extra revealing so you can show as much flesh as possible this Halloween. It also comes with a measuring tape and ‘anna rexia’ badge to glorify Anorexia Nervosa even more. Charming. You’re more likely to get shot than get applauded if you even deem this ‘costume’ to be socially acceptable to wear out of doors. The outfit is sold here, it’s currently sold out, which is quite worrying. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t advise anybody to wear an outfit such as this.

There are many more offensive and upsetting costumes that I could name and shame, but I think the best thing to do is to conform this Halloween to avoid any real bloodshed tomorrow evening.

Claire Stapley

Creator of helpimastudent.com

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