Lizbet Sempa – SoundCloud’s leading lady

Since beginning her musical journey at the tender age of 14, Lizbet Sempa (also known as Elizabeth Sempa) has taken it all in her stride after an explosion on her SoundCloud in March.

The soulful singer/songwriter had always dreamt of being a part of the performing arts industry professionally, and it seems that her prayers were answered when her SoundCloud became ‘SoundCloud of the day’ and gained her the recognition she deserved.


With each refresh came new followers in the hundreds, and by the next morning she had over 10,000 followers on SoundCloud. Overwhelmed and unsure on how to respond, Lizbet carried on with her normal day to day life, whilst studying hard for her A Level exams which would commence in the coming months. A few weeks went by and the numbers hadn’t stopped growing, and by the time it was Lizbet’s 18th in July, she had already gained half a million followers on SoundCloud.

Now, in the month of November (as it stands) Lizbet has over a million followers and a growing fan base on Twitter and Facebook. The humble 18 year old songstress continues to compose fantastic music which is appreciated not only by her long term friends who saw her passion for music to begin to develop 4 years ago, but also by her fans that share and compliment her music.

Lizbet is now signed to Zap Records and is set to perform this Monday in Berlin at the Soho House. She also has two more dates lined up this month in her hometown, London.

Have a listen to my favourite song by her. ‘Mistakes’

Claire Stapley

Creator of

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