We haven’t forgotten about your past – Terry Richardson

If it’s clean cut and black and white – It’s probably Terry Richardson.

Terry Richardson is probably one of the most well known photographers within the fashion and music industry, photographing the likes of Cara Delevinge, Kate Moss and even Barack Obama.

Known for his ‘clean’ approach to photography, using mainly white backgrounds and his rather creepy looking ‘thumbs up’ pose which he insists on doing with every person he photographs, Terry has gained a respectable name for himself amongst the big names in the industry.

With all this being said, we certainly haven’t forgotten the level of power that Richardson has over those that he photographs. And as stated by the comic character ‘Uncle Ben’  – ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ or in Terry’s case (who ironically, likes to be called ‘Uncle’ too) with great power comes great manipulation.

Don’t get me wrong – his photography really captures the celebrity/model perfectly, and his simple shots and (by the looks of it) not too much retouching and editing on the post production side, Tezza’s really done well for himself.

He also excels in sexually manipulating models, in particular Jamie Peck, who explained to online gossip site http://www.jezebel.com about her experiences with the photographer back in 2010. She talked about the ‘sexual favours’ that she did to Richardson, those of which I feel are too disgusting and explicit to put on this blog.

Since 2010 there have been other allegations made by models, including the likes of freelance model Felice Fawn and Rie Rasmussen, both who had awkward conversations/encounters with the million dollar fashion photographer.

Now in the present day of November 2013, it seems that ‘Uncle Terry’s’ pervy past has been forgotten. Since his last batch of over sexualised, and rather painful-to-look-at photographs of Miley Cyrus, which include her clutching her breasts in one shot and gripping the crotch of her leotard distastefully in the other, it’s clear that Richardson hasn’t, and probably won’t stop what he does behind closed doors. We’ll just have to wait and see who’s next.



Claire Stapley

Creator of helpimastudent.com

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