Dieting: Soylent, the food of the future.

Soylent is rumoured to become the ‘food of the future’, despite its rather unappealing aesthetics.

Similar to that of a protein shake, Soylent is packed with all the nutrients and essential minerals to give one energy and a sense of feeling fuller and healthier. The only difference is that, unlike a protein shake, one can literally live off it with no damage to their health or wellbeing. The drink is said to have every single nutrient the body needs to function properly, including the correct amount of calories in ratio to fat, carbohydrates and protein.

Why ‘Soylent?’: The name of the product ‘Soylent’ was taken from the film ‘Soylent Green’ – a 1970′s film about a future where New York was overpopulated, and citizens had to live off ‘Soylent’ to survive (which was revealed at the end of the film to have been created from body parts.)

The brains behind all of this? Rob Rhinehart (although he reassures the public that his Soylent isn’t people). And to prove that the product was worthy, he had Soylent for breakfast, lunch and dinner for over a month.

“this idea is going to solve a lot of problems with food that we have, not just hunger. It’s the environmental impact, it’s poorly balanced food which leads to obesity.”

His other reasoning behind Soylent includes the fact that we, as a planet, have millions of people that go hungry every day, and Soylent could be the answer to world hunger and poverty. This is all fair comment from Rhineheart, but some members of the public are sceptical about the product, as the bland flavour and sociability of the drink is questioned, as those that tested the drink expressed their concerns that the drink takes away from the social aspect of food, as well as enjoying the tastes and textures that a normal meal has to offer.

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