Bleach – The potential to cure disease?

Tests on lab mice have shown that small doses of bleach have the potential to cure some skin diseases and slow down the ageing process.

Warning: This doesn’t mean you can apply pure bleach to the skin. That’s not what Stanford University (the researchers) have suggested at all.

Baths in 0.005% has already been proven as treatment for eczema, but researchers are still uncertain as to how it works, and if it will be effective for other skin problems such as damage after radiation therapy – which so far has been successful on mice.

Other tests on mice using small doses of bleach have shown the skin cells appearing younger as more cells have grown and the skin has thickened, but yet again, it is still murky waters for the latest ‘breakthrough’ in skincare.

researchers urge those to not use bleach on their skin as of yet, as the doses they are using are of an extremely small percentage and it hasn’t been dermatologically tested on humans.

Claire Stapley

Creator of

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