How to be a better student in 2014

So, it’s the new year (and you’ve probably broken your new years resolution by now) so it’s that time again, another guide on how to kind-of-almost-sort-of be better than you already are, of course, as us students are little drops of sunshine.

Do not watch Breaking Bad

This is not a suggestion, it is a request. If you have started to watch Breaking Bad, I’m afraid this article is of no use to you anymore, say good-bye to your friends, your family, your social life, and foremost; your degree. This is a show that will consume your life. You will stroll into lectures puffy-eyed and dream of nothing more than cooking your very own blue meth. The show in itself is like a drug, addictive. Don’t do it to yourself.

Netflix is dangerous, avoid it

Adding on from BB, this goes for all series that are shown on Netflix: Dexter, Gossip Girl, Prison Break, need I say more? Netflix is the reason why all UK first and second years are going to fail their degrees, there might not be any hard evidence for that but I’d definitely put a bet on it. If you have a Netflix account, do us all a favour and don’t tell us you have one, because us poor students would do anything for that little e-mail and password combination.

Talk to new people

You’ve got your group of friends that you go out with religiously during the week, but it’s uni, you can never have ‘too many friends’. There is more to life than your friendship group that you get shit-faced with every weekend. Talk to new people, people that don’t watch Big Brother or order Dominos every Tuesday. Talk to the people that sit at the front of the lecture room on their own and talk to the miserable ones just to piss them off. University is about meeting new people so if you’re still in the same bubble, get out of it!

Get a job

There’s only so much alcohol and ready meals your loan can buy (thanks David C), and if you’re anything like me, the rent this semester has burned a hole in your pocket and you’re already counting the pennies to do your washing two weeks into the new term. Getting a job not only means you can stop buying Sainsbury’s Basics, but it also means you can afford more shitty things off the internet that you probably didn’t need anyway.

Get a degree

Or, if you’re a first year like myself – pass the first year, and don’t just aim for a pass. What are you paying 9,000 pounds for!? To get 41% at the end of the year and struggle in second year? Try visiting the library in 2014 and you may just be slightly happier with your next grade.

Claire Stapley

Creator of

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