How To: Improve Your CV

Here are 10 easy steps to improve your CV, which is the key to unlocking potential jobs and should essentially sum you up in less than a few points:

1. Keep it short: If it is not relevant to your career path, do not include it. Retail jobs and babysitting will not gain you any more credit. Include work experience that has enriched your knowledge and that will make you appeal to employers.
2. Wording is key: A CV should be no longer than 1 page long; each word should deserve a place on the page.
3. Use online platforms: It is always useful to advertise yourself in more than one place, have a print copy and also sign up to pages such as LinkedIn which will allow you to create an online profile and connect with potential employers.
4. Clean up your social networks: It is surprising just how many employers choose to look at employees’ Facebook and Twitter accounts to see the kinds of things they post. Aim to have a private Twitter and ensure that no embarrassing or explicit content can be seen.
5. Include hobbies: Though some have different opinions on this section of a persons CV, having hobbies relevant to your career for e.g. being part of a university society or being a course representative.
6. Extra qualifications: extra courses, awards and certifications show wider knowledge.
7. Languages: being a good linguist is most definitely something to showcase.
8. Describe yourself: In no more than 25 words. Try to steer clear from the conventional “I am a really driven, hard working person” think about what makes you stand out from the crowd.
9. Remove any photos: A nervously taken selfie will detract away from what you are actually trying to promote.
10. Include a cover letter: This is something that is requested for most job applications, and gives you more leeway to talk about yourself and why you would like the job.

Claire Stapley

Creator of

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