The Do’s and Don’ts of First Year

Oh first year, you are truly a milestone in every university students life. Here is a quick list of the DO’s and the DON’TS for all you first years out there:

DO: Make yourself approachable – Nobody wants to be known as the person with chronic bitch face, although some girls can’t help it. Smile and remember you are all in the same boat, all equally as fresh as each other.

DO: Join a society/social- If your housemates aren’t your cup of tea and you haven’t bonded with anybody on your course, there are  society’s for pretty much anything imaginable.

DO: Add people on Facebook- As creepy as it sounds, you aren’t a genius and memorising names is hands down the most difficult thing to do amongst trying to make a good impression and get rid of last nights hangover.

DO: Go to lectures – As much as “your first year doesn’t count” motto is ingrained in your memory from your fellow course mates, there is a reason you have paid an arm and a leg, and it isn’t just to party. After a while it becomes an entertaining waiting game to see who will chunder first the morning after the night before.

DO: Befriend your lecturers – Not creepily, but if you don’t have them on your side, good luck my friend.

DO: Step out of your comfort zone – This is your chance to try a new sport…a new type of shot.. the list is endless.

DO: befriend the chicken shop guy. End of the night with 1.50 to your name? Say hello to nuggs and chips.

DON’T: Be antisocial. Nobody is forcing Jaegermeister down your throat if you don’t want it. Go out and enjoy yourself, even if it’s just to the students union.

DON’T: Turn into the local bike. Not disputing one night stands, but Uni isn’t as big as you think it is, everybody will know your business (if you get what i mean)

DON’T: Fight in a club. That Disaronno and coke may have given you helpings of dutch courage, but a lifetime ban? Was punching that guy and calling him an arsehole really worth it?

DON’T: Trash your halls. Bye bye deposit. Bye bye freedom.

DON’T: Lose contact with friends from home.  Whether they are full time working or at university too, never lose touch with them.

DON’T: Spend all your loan in one go. You got bills to pay! Food to eat! Alcohol to buy! Overdrafts are a deep, deep hole of regret.

DON’T: Let yourself be taken advantage of, in any way!






DON’T: Turn into a mega slut – or as some often call it “the bike” as everybody has given it a ride. Nothing wrong with a bit of fun but lets not shout about it.

DON’T: ignore your limit of drunk – Hey, I’m [insert name] and I can handle my drink..4 hours later in A&E with your housemates you have known less than a month. You stay classy.

DON’T: Be a nuisance at clubs- The bouncers will hate you, the bouncers will bar you, your life is over.

DON’T: Get a time consuming job – First year is a year of friendship building, how can you do that if your weekends and evenings are taken up by a part time job? Use that loan.

Claire Stapley


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