Some are informative, and some are for fun. Here are the top 10 apps that every student needs (they’re free):

1 – Timehop: We want to see those hoop earrings, piczo edits and statuses saying “like this if you’re awake” to remind us just how disgusting we were at the age of 13 and 14. If you still do that now, well, I’m sorry.

2 – Dubsmash: It’s amazing, you can mime, rap, and sing ‘let it go’ in tune. Also works well if you need entertainment whilst in the library. p.s. you need earphones.

3 – Unidays: Great for any student, sign up with your e-mail and get discounts from clothes shops, myprotein, and makeup stores.

4 – Netflix: Orange Is The New Black on the go? Yes please.

5 – OpenTable: Handy if you are a student in London balling on a budget. Collect points for eating, then get free food when you get a certain amount of points. Fantastic. Also great deals on expensive places you wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

6 – CityMapper: London students only. Gives you every option for public transport along with price and time it takes to get there, allows you to save journeys so if you lose connection, you can still see where you need to go.

7 – RefME: Great if you are crap at referencing. Or lazy. Or both.

8 – Theory Test Free: Unless you have already passed.

9 – Class Timetable: Freshers mainly, extremely useful if you haven’t mastered the art of linking your timetable to your phone.

10 – TED: Great if you like informative video content. Full of interesting debates and talks on a range of topics.

Claire Stapley

Creator of

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