Alice Ierace – Food Editor

Born and raised in Italy, surrounded by great food and fashion, I still decided to move to rainy England. Moved by a passion for writing, I am now a Journalism student at the University of Portsmouth after realising I am still too young to be a cat lady.

Attracted by pretty much everything that sparkles and has glitter, I am also a sucker for pretty clothes I know I will never be able to buy. So instead I decided to start writing about them and pretend I know a lot more than I actually do.

I love art and being creative, especially when it comes to writing. I tried that whole YouTube thing and I failed miserably as I realised my life consists of me, my computer, my cat and the odd avocado here and there. I think I’m hilarious on Twitter and always wonder why I only have so little followers, but I’m sure I’ll get discovered one day. In the meantime you can find me in coffee shops, museums or in my bed spending money on ASOS


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