Freelancing increases employability

This article originally appeared on Gradlancer

Increasing your employability is one of the most difficult things for students to do. It essentially means making yourself appeal to the industry you wish to progress into once you graduate.

However this is always confronted with problems, as the majority of work places always have the requirement of ‘previous experience’ to have a chance of getting the job.

Freelancing is quickly becoming one of the best ways to increase your employability, as not only are you choosing your own hours in which you can work, you are also showing initiative by finding freelancing jobs that are relevant to you and your degree.

Time and time again students are always seen doing jobs that can be described as mundane, such as working in a supermarket or bar, which has no relevance to their course. Despite it paying the bills, students waste valuable time where they could be gaining quality experience based in or around their degree program.

Freelancing is an opportunity to try something new. It gives students the chance to think outside the box and branch off into other areas that may have seemed impossible to get experience with in the past.

For example, if you are studying a course that is heavily based on written essays such as History, English Literature and Media, getting experience at magazines such as reviewing online or hyper-local news will allow you to develop your writing skills.

If you are on a course predominantly based on Maths, such as economics, accounting and business, getting experience with corporate companies that rely on people with said skills can open doors to careers you may have not considered.

University is a daunting place as students often feel pressured to know what job they would like to be in when they graduate, and in the process are overwhelmed once they have left with a fantastic degree but no practical experience in the different aspects within their chosen subject.

Freelancing is the key to unlocking different opportunities that students may not have had access to in the past. In the process of working practical hours alongside their degree, students can expand their knowledge base while earning money, the result is increasing your employability.

Building experience in freelancing means that not only will you be earning more with each job you do, you will also make valuable connections through colleagues that with time and effort, will leave you with an archive of contacts and invaluable references.

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