Independence is difficult but valuable, and here’s why

This article originally appeared on Gradlancer

All your life you are faced with obstacles, whether it be an academic test, a relationship, or what pair of shoes you should wear in the morning.

Often you will be guided through these obstacles, big or small. Either by your family, teacher or friends. There is always a hand there to pick you back up again!

What we often miss out on when growing up is independence. This should not be confused with loneliness or isolation, as all three by definition are extremely different.

Independence isn’t taught in schools, nor is it found in a textbook. It is however, appealing to employers.

“knowing ones own mind and developing independent thought, that is expressed in a courteous, respectful way is an important skill” (livelifewell)

Regardless of applying independence to your everyday life, being able to apply it whilst at work, or working for yourself is even better!

It does not only make you a quick worker, it means your employer will trust you to have tasks completed within a time frame, and will not feel the need to feed you information and praise round the clock.

“The business or organisation benefits a lot from employees who are motivated and work independently with minimum supervision” (

If you strive to be independent throughout daily tasks, the benefits you will gain will be visible across all aspects of your life, whether it be:

Work environment

Home based employees are described by exforsys as “the perfect examples of self-supervised working individuals”

This is not to say that just freelancers can be the masters of independence, as those who report to a manager or supervisor can also develop this timeless skill by pushing oneself to undertake responsibilities that may seem daunting!

Independence is difficult, and scary, but it can only be as tough as you perceive it to be!

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