Why you may be working yourself too hard

There is a very grey area between what is considered ‘hard work’ and what is not.

It is known fact that students are known for the nights filled with red bull and starbucks to keep themselves awake to complete something they may be behind on, and that’s okay.

Being a student isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and we know that. After all, as a student at university you have chosen to be there, and the majority of those that do go to uni work hard to achieve their marks.

Students can be competitive, and the most disheartening thing is seeing someone exceed your marks even though you went to every seminar and took ten pages of notes. It’s just not fair.

You may be short for money most months, and trying to keep the balance between your boyfriend/girlfriend, friends from home, family and housemates.

It  all seems to be taking its toll.

You aren’t ready to be an adult yet. The thought of making your own appointments scares you.

Your part time job, if you have one, swallows hours in the day you need for studying, but it’s a catch 22 as you need the money.

There are a thousand reasons as to why you are working yourself too hard, and a few may resonate with you right now.

You compare yourself to others, and it kills you inside seeing them hit the 70’s when you’re clawing your way through the mid 60’s. He doesn’t even go to lectures. Half the time he’s on his phone yet he’s managed to do better.

You expect too much from yourself: You can’t be Einstein and you can’t change the world and work a part time job all at once, it isn’t possible!

You are too proud to ask for help: Remember the people who raised you? Call them. Mum, I’m poor. I need some money for rent so I can cut my shifts down and complete some work. You’ll be surprised as to how quickly they are willing to help you.

If this kind of person being described above is you, you need to take a small step back and look at what you have achieved so far.

The average student, often works themselves too hard, and becomes disappointed when it comes to feedback. It isn’t about how many hours you put in, it’s how you utilise the time you are provided with.

Procrastination is the root of most bad marks. This isn’t to say you aren’t trying hard enough, but of those 5 hours spent in the library, how productive were you? Did you take regular breaks? How many times did you check Twitter?

If you are working yourself too hard, STOP. Remember you should also be enjoying your degree and time away from home, university shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an enjoyable lifestyle.

– See more at: http://www.gradlancer.co.uk/blog/why-you-may-be-working-yourself-too-hard/#sthash.QlqZcsK2.dpuf

Claire Stapley

Creator of helpimastudent.com

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