Beauty Hack: Top uses for coconut oil

Keeping up a beauty regime whilst having a student budget can be tough, but do not fear, coconut oil has come to the rescue! It has recently become somewhat of a fad and many famous cooks have started using it as an alternative to cooking oil, due to its healthy saturated fats.

However, this organic product has many more uses than just cooking and buying a big pot is only about £2. Make sure you go find it in world food section as it’s a lot cheaper than the branded ones you’ll find with the cooking oils and does exactly the same job. So, here’s my top uses to start including in your regime for a cheaper alternative:

Repairing hair mask

If you have dried and damaged hair from colouring or just general split ends, then a coconut oil hair mask gives you deep nourishment for days. It also contains natural anti-fungal properties which is helpful for dandruff as well as vitamin E and lauric acid which are both essential for strong, healthy hair. Plus, these are the active ingredients you’d find in expensive hair treatments, at a fraction of the price.

The best way I have found to create these masks is just to simply melt down the coconut oil in a pan and wait for it to cool before applying. I focus mainly on my ends as i have bleached hair so they tend to be dry and frazzled but i also run a small amount through my roots too. Yes it will look like you haven’t washed your hair for weeks, but i always do it on a day where i don’t have to leave the house. If you have the time, let it soak in overnight for the best results, although it still produces great results with about 30 minutes. When you go to wash it out, apply shampoo before wetting the hair to ensure it washes out properly and condition as normal.

Exfoliating body scrub

Coconut oil is a great base for any body lotion products and allows you to add in whichever ingredients and essential oils you like. To keep it simple and cheap, I melt the coconut oil just a little and add some sugar (make sure you don’t over heat it as the sugar will melt). Add as much sugar as you would like – the more you add the more coarse it will be. You can add any extra oils if you wish, or even fresh zest or a lemon to give it that extra tropical smell. Transfer the mixture into a container and leave in the fridge to cool. This will give you an environmentally friendly exfoliating scrub to use again and again leaving you feeling and smelling delicious.

Nail treatment

If you struggle to grow long, healthy nails then simply just rub some coconut oil on at the base of the cuticle and massage into the nail. My nails usually break easily but since using this treatment a few times a week, I’ve really seen a difference.

Lip balm

This requires no prep at all. Simply transfer some coconut oil into an old lip balm container and leave in your handbag for daily moisture.

Teeth whitening

Oil pulling is a technique of naturally whitening teeth that has been around for ages. However, instead of spending £30 on an oil pulling teeth kit, just swirl around a teaspoon of coconut oil whilst going about your morning routine. Around 5- 10 minutes should do it, and after a couple of weeks you should really start to see the results.

Eye cream

The skin underneath your eyes is a very delicate area and can be prone to puffiness and fine lines. Simply dab a little coconut oil underneath the eye area before bed and you’ll awake with bright and de-puffed eyes.



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