10 experiences you will only have at university.

1: University halls

Disgusting kitchen? Got that

Unexplained mould in fridge? Not touching it.

Can hear your housemate having sex? Check.


2: EVERYWHERE wants to give you student discount.

And you’d be a mug if you didn’t take that extra 10% off your campus Starbucks.


3: Club promoters are the BANE of your life.

I don’t care if the jaegers are £2.50, the night is shit, I’m not coming in.



4: You learn the true meaning of caffeine shakes.

Eye twitches, muscle pain, lovely.29bKyyjDKX1W8


5: You can quickly go from peasant to royalty the moment your loan comes in.

Drinks on you then.


6: Your pre drinks mostly consist of this:


And this…


Vodka squash AKA SQUADKA.


7: Being able to go to lectures in pyjamas

(and you don’t give a shit either)


8: Living in the uni library off shit coffee and vending machine snacks.


9: Writing a chapter of your dissertation only for your supervisor to tear it apart.

I spent three weeks on that, thanks Michelle.


10: You pay for printing even though you’re already paying £9,000 a year



Claire Stapley

Creator of helpimastudent.com

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