The first day of the rest of your university life…

It’s June.

A-Level exams are looming, and in a few short weeks you’ll no longer be a student in the state education system, instead, in three short (long, painfully boring and excruciating months) you’ll be packing up your worldly possessions, waving bye to Dave and Steve (Your pet goldfishes) and moving in with a bunch of strangers who will soon become your best friends, or your worst enemies.

It sounds daunting, I know, but in three short seconds Dave and Steve won’t even remember who you are, and if you don’t want the strangers to be your enemies, they won’t be.

One thing many overlook when packing to go to university is a simple wedge made of plastic or wood, commonly known as a doorstop.
Although you may want to be alone to unpack your clothes, cry on FaceTime to your friends to how basic your new digs are, having your bedroom door open on that very first day in halls opens the portal to the greatest ship of all… Friendship

friends gif .gif


Strange, I know, but if you don’t open yourself up to the opportunities that are out there, they won’t be able to find their way in.

Also, make sure you brush your teeth extra hard on that first day, because you’re going to need to have your best smile on, yes, your cheeks will hurt from the forced smile and the strain of not wanting to cry because you miss Dave and Steve, but it will all be worth it in the long run, and by the time it hits 10pm, you’ll be so drunk that the pain is non-existent and the smile is no longer forced.

The first day is both the best and the worst day, but in hindsight, you’ll only remember the best parts – Just make sure that the first thing you put in your bag is your doorstop.

And if your first day doesn’t go to plan, tomorrow is only a day away.

Author: Amber Lovell

Claire Stapley

Creator of

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