The Youth of Brexit

As the UK comes to grips with the post-brexit blues, there is a vital message that has arrived with the stats from what could be, one of the most important changes to the government that this current generation could see.

It has been apparent from the most recent General Elections, and those stretching back to a time that saw Margaret Thatcher reign on the small island that we call home, that young peoples engagement (or lack of) has been an ever growing presence within the political voting system.

But with the UK committing to the idea that we are better suited to our own devices, saw a dramatic increase in youth participation with an over-riding involvement of young people getting involved and voting towards a cause that will (no doubt) effect those young people the most.

Now it may have come to light that many of those young people who have voted to remain in the UK are currently feeling a sense of unjust, due to the majority of the older bracket of voters backing the leave campaign. But regardless of the outcome, it is with hope that many young people use the unjust they may be feeling now to carry on being involved within politics and pose questions to those in power that help represent the majority of young people.

Matt Rhodes

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