Go Well in an Interview

Interviewing can be a stressful process on the best of days, but here are a few key things you can do to help better yourself…

Before you even meet your potential employer, be organised. If they’re trying to contact you, make sure they can. Always keep an eye on your emails, and always be ready to answer your phone. The companies you’re applying for will most likely be speaking to an array of candidates, so begin showing that you are organised with your contacts.

When you head for the interview, if you’re not early you’re late. Don’t be that guy/girl that turns up dead on 9am. Punctuality is a key characteristic to have in your armoury. If your employer can rely on you to get somewhere on time, then you’ll be giving yourself the extra step up the ladder in comparison to the competition.

When you arrive. Make sure you arrive in style. Make sure you’re dressed to fit the companies standards. A good firm hand-shake. When introducing yourself for the first time, make eye contact. It shows you’re being attentive and it shows a level of honesty.

As graduate and entry level potentials. Theres going to be a fair few applicants fighting for the same job. Make an impression. You might not be the most qualified, but you can still certainly make an impact. Show a willingness to listen and apply yourself in your window of opportunity, and the employers can look guide you through and help you develop.

Show your humorous side. If you feel comfortable enough, show that you can have a good time. You’re going to be working with some of these people for 40 hours a week, most employers will want to know you can un-wind and enjoy yourself at times. Attempt to find a common interest and elaborate. That way you can almost take a break from the formality of the interview.

Throughout the interview, be honest. Don’t just say the cliche sentences that you think they want to hear. You’re not just selling your skills, but you’re selling yourself. They’re going to want to get to know you if you get the job, and if you’ve reeled off a load of white lies, you’re going to get found out pretty quickly.

Appreciate the time they’ve taken to see you. A quick ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ goes a long way.

Give it time afterwards, but if you haven’t heard back from the company, by all means follow it up. At worst, they can say “I’m afraid the space has been filled”, but you can still gain valuable feedback from the interview, what they liked/disliked, which can be used for the next interview.

All in all. Enjoy it. Don’t be coy, relax. Take your time and express yourself.

Matt Rhodes

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