Plan ahead, and spend your summer a little differently

You spend all year looking forward to summer. To the warm nights, the blistering hot days (if you’re lucky enough to escape the Britain), and the big plans you’re making with your friends.

As a student, you may have been sneaky and starved yourself for a bit to save some of your student loan for the coming season. Or you may have put some wages away to finance your adventures.

And as young people, those plans probably include a mad fortnight in Magaluf, a week in Ibiza without a budget, or venturing to a field to experience one of Britain’s music festivals.

But, for the short time these holidays will take up in your diary, they will certainly leave a large hole in your pocket. Instead, why not use your money to see some of the world, and expand your cultural horizons.

There are many exciting continents to travel to, adventures to be had, and corners of your mind to become at one with. Rather than waking up face down on a beach in Zante, with UV paint streaming down your face, and a 5-hour gap in your night that you cannot remember.

Here, are just a few potential places for your young and impressionable soul’s to travel to.

Thailand. The cliché of gap year locations, this cluster of south eastern Asian islands really does embody the phrase paradise. With clear waters to accompany the white sands, the sunbathing opportunities never end. However, if you want to immerse yourself into the local culture, there are many floating markets in Bangkok and temples dotted around the capital for you to wander into. Just remember to cover up in full clothing should you want to go into the temples.

Machu Picchu. This one isn’t location specific, it is merely about the doing rather than the seeing. There are many companies which will organise for you to climb the tallest mountain, walk the longest wall, or even jump from a plane. It can be done for charity, or even just for self-gratification. Either way, this is a great adventure to embark on.

Interrailing. For those a little tight for cash, or even just those wanting to stay a little closer to home, interrailing is definitely for you. With indefinite links across the entire of Europe, you are only a train ride away from the Fjords of Norway, to the Pizzerias of Italy, to the set of GoT’s Kings Landing in Dubrovnik. And since we aren’t properly leaving the EU for another two years, you won’t have to worry about visas, you can still travel hassle-free.

So whether you’re still living that student loan lifestyle, have a holiday on Dave Cameron, or you’ve graduated and aren’t ready for working world, again, treat yourself. These apply to all. So get on the internet and book something spontaneous.


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