Veganism: To Be or Not To Be?

There is this unwritten rule going around where people are supposed to mock Vegans as soon as they spot one. Well, guess what? I’m afraid I am one of them.

But chill out for a second and let me explain: I am not like the rest of them.

Unfortunately, Vegans are known as annoying, boring and extremely imposing. And this is probably what I dislike the most about them. Just because I am one of them, doesn’t mean I want to be as obnoxious as they usually are.

I became Vegan because of heath reasons.
Growing up with stomach problems and different food intolerances (dairy included), had a massive impact on my diet. Last year I realised that animal product – especially mass-produced food, worsened my condition. So I stopped eating animals. And there’s not much to it really.

I hear people saying “but that’s the circle of life. We’re supposed to eat animals.”, all the bloody time!
Actually, no. It’s not the circle of life. Our Paleolithic ancestors were quite the vegetarians. They got most of their nutrition from plants and fruit and considered animals a real treat.

People also seem to think that you can’t get proteins anywhere else unless you eat animal products. Well, I’m afraid they’re wrong once again.
Plenty of food contains proteins – aka soya, nuts, quinoa, tofu, lentils, beans. We’ve got all we need, thank you very much!

But, if I have to be honest with you, what really made me change my mind are documentaries. Just open your Netflix account and enjoy a couple of hours of informations about animals, us and the planet we live in.

Overall, being a Vegan is not so bad. Apart from the jokes. And the mocking. And the very restricted restaurant choices. And the food prices.

Unfortunately, I find that being a Vegan (or a Vegetarian) whilst at University is not as easy as someone would think.
Fruit and vegetables are extremely pricey and eating carbs every single day can get a bit frustrating.
I still haven’t mastered the art of being a very healthy Vegan (unless I’m at home and spending my parents’ money) – but I think it’s worth being one nonetheless.

As I mentioned earlier though, I am not one of those stereotypical Vegans. I won’t hunt you down and force you to eat a plant-based diet if you don’t want to. I won’t talk to you about Veganism unless you ask me to. I think anyone is capable to Google informations about this diet and its benefits if they really wanted to.

I’m just a chilled human being, trying to live a healthy life and possibly hoping to make some small change in the world. Life is too short to mock Vegans and get annoyed by them.


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