The Calamity of Brexit; The Analogy.

Britain leaving the EU has seemed to drag over the last few weeks and has left a grey cloud of Britain from the eyes of Euro friends. I spent a couple of days in Paris last week and came across a great analogy, from the eyes of a Englishman living in France:

Britain leaving the EU is like sitting down for a 3 course meal with 28 other friends. The wine is flowing, you’ve got through the entree’s and have just finished the main course, and everyone’s having a nice time.

Suddenly, Britain stands up throws a glass of wine down the table and shouts “I never wanted to be part of this, I’m leaving!”. The rest of the table, say “Okay, fair enough. Good luck Britain.” As Britain leaves, the waiters come through the door carrying dessert, its a créme brulêe with a golden brown, crispy topping.

Seeing this, and realising he could have gone too soon, Britain pokes his head back round the door and says, “ah, tell you what guys, that looks great… Do you mind if I hang around and finish my pudding?” to which, the rest of the table begins wagging a finger and say, “no, no, no my friend… you said you wanted to leave, so leave.. this pudding is ours now.

You didn’t have to go, you could have stayed and enjoyed your pudding, but you’ve made your choice, good night”. Britain exits the the door, with his tail between his legs thinking, “what have I done?!”.

Matt Rhodes

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