Why won’t you call me back?

This is an open letter to every company that I’ve ever been interviewed at, where they haven’t bothered to give me the time of day after deciding that I ‘just wasn’t fit for the role’.

Dear sir/madam

When I was a job-seeker, I put every free hour of the day into applying for jobs. Tweaking my CV, connecting with people on LinkedIn, writing endless cover letters – you name it, I did it. It was paramount to me that my voice was heard among the sea of graduates that I was competing against, not to mention candidates that had ample years of experience in the exact same field that I was fighting to work in.

When you called me saying you loved my application, and wanted me to come for an interview I was over the moon. Getting a call-back was the first step to potentially getting a job. You said jump – I said how high; “I’ll be there tomorrow at 10am” I’d say, and from the moment you hung up the phone I was preparing myself for the interview that could finally take me out of the ‘unemployed graduate’ statistic that they so often talk about on the news.

I arrive at the interview 15 minutes early, because anything later than that (in my eyes) would look unprofessional. 10:03. I’m still waiting. Finally, five minutes later I’m greeted with a handshake and after a whirlwind of questions it’s all over.

You say that you’ll “be in touch” and it was “great to meet me” and I leave with a spring in my step.

3 days pass, and then it’s a week. I’m left wondering what I did wrong in the interview, and whether you knew from the get-go that you didn’t actually want to hire me.

Sure, everybody is busy, but when you live in a country where the majority of people are glued to their phones and technology is part of your day-to-day life, you’d think a quick phone call or e-mail with a bit of feedback wouldn’t be a chore for some companies. Evidently it is.

I suppose what I’m trying to say, is that at one point in your life, you were in my position. Maybe you’ve forgotten, that to get to your flashy offices it costs me money.

Money, which I don’t really have a lot of – seeing as I’m unemployed.

Maybe you’ve forgotten how it feels to question yourself whether you’re ever going to get your foot in the door somewhere.

At one point, you and I were the exact same. Remember that when you put my application through the shredder, and pick up your phone and call the candidate that you just rejected and explain to them how they can do better.

Yours Sincerely

A graduate.





Claire Stapley


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