#MyUniversityExperience: Monika, 26, University of Warsaw.

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HelpImAStudent got the chance to catch up with 26 year old Monika Mizińska, a graduate from the University of Warsaw, Poland.

After finishing her degree three years ago, she was kind enough to offer us a perspective on being an international university student, and her new journey with writing. Here’s her story:

My name is Monika and I am from Poland. I’ve always loved foreign languages, that’s why I chose to study at UCELTE, University College For English Language Teacher Education in Warsaw. In 2013 I officially became an ESL teacher.

My studies there were completely different than any other faculties at the University of Warsaw.

Ours were purely practical, not much theory, just practice.

I hardly ever got bored (well, except for the British History course) and that’s why my memories are rather positive!

I really liked my easy-going professors, they would always help us with anything. Thanks to the strictly practical courses, I’ve learnt writing, general translation, methodology and much more.

Despite currently not working as a teacher, I do use the skills in my freelance writing job!

I have a specific profession in my hand and I can get a job instantly, and I think that’s something so essential.

On the other hand, I spent 3 years studying to be a teacher, whilst I could have done CELTA, or any other course and devote just a couple of weeks to that.

This meant that I would have an even better certificate than the one I hold now.

After all I think it was worth it. I never stop receiving new job offers from different countries, and it makes me feel secure.

It is evident from Monika’s perspective that it is possible to steer away from the ‘conventional’ career path that her course originally offered, and transfer those skills towards her freelance writing experiences, which has enabled her to secure jobs from all over the world (another great benefit of freelance writing).


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