You can be a mom and a student!

When I started university 3 years ago I didn’t think that I would have to juggle being pregnant and then a mom along with my university work. I had this plan that I would finish my university degree then think about having children; well sometimes things don’t go as you planned.

Luckily I had chosen to do my course part-time as I had work commitments and also needed to carry on earning a wage so I could pay towards our household bills. Being part time means you don’t have to go to university everyday meaning it is a lot more do able for people who need to work. My course had a greater commitment to doing a lot of work at home as I only attended university once a week.

Being pregnant you are tired all the time but I did make sure that I got my work completed. I was lucky that my employer worked around me and allowed me to have shorter days at work meaning I could go home and do university work in the afternoon and not late in the evening. I would say what helped me the most was being prepared I got myself ahead of the game so when I was heavily pregnant and couldn’t make it to university it was ok. The other thing I am really grateful for is the support from my peers sending me work over emails and photos of worksheets and slide shows they had done in class.  

So now not only do I have this new bundle of joy to look after I had to complete my last assignment of my foundation degree. Again I had tried to do as much as possible in advanced and used my maternity leave to start to read up on the new subject I was going to have to write about. I did also have fantastic support from my mom who would have my daughter for a few hours each week so I could do some work. Actually having to go into university was amazing it gave me a chance to be me again and not mommy. I had to make sure that the moments I did have to do my work I used them effectively and of course make sure to ask for help from my course tutor straight away.

So along as you are determined to complete your course you will do it and take advantage of all the help and support you will get from family and friends.


I am a new mommy to a beautiful little girl called Ava

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