10 times friends accurately summed up your university life.

  1. When it’s fancy dress night and you decide to go all out.


2. Trying to explain to your housemates what the deal is when it comes to leftover pizza.


3. Your reaction when you see your not-so-sober coursemate throwing up in the toilets.


4. The moment when you read back on a piece of work after submitting to find that you’ve made multiple stupid mistakes.


5. The feels when your dissertation supervisor rips your first chapter to shreds (but you actually thought it was really good)


6. The only way to logically explain why you ate all the food when you were drunk.


7. When your loans drop.


8. Looking back on your snapchats and telling yourself:


9. When your housemate moans that they’re tired but it’s not even 1am.


10. Watching someone elses’ dramas from afar..


Claire Stapley

Creator of helpimastudent.com

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