5 potato recipes that you need in your life

We love potatoes. And because we love them so much – we’ve dedicated a whole post to telling you about the DELICIOUS quick & simple recipes you can make right in your student kitchen.

  1. Hassleback potatoes: They look fancy, and taste amazing. Have them with a salad, and/or with meat. You can even have them on their own if you dress them up fancy. Find the recipe here and for sweet potatoes here.


(img via SkinnyTaste.)

2. Potato bake: Imagine lasagne, but instead of soft pasta sheets you’re just surrounded by potato. Sounds great, right? it’s normally called ‘scalloped potatoes’.. but realistically, it’s just a potato bake. No fancy names here. Click for recipe –>


3. Fully-loaded potato skins: Delicious. This one’s probably the easiest because you can pretty much get away with filling it with anything. We love Jamie’s take on them here.


4. Peri Peri potatoes: Nandos meets carbs. Love peri patatas. Super easy. 


5. Fully-loaded mashed potatoes: Creamy, fluffy, cheesy deliciousness. Via BuzzFeed



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