Applying for graduate jobs

The best/worst/most stressful/most fun three or so years of your life are now over and the panic sets in. What’s your plan now? How do you get a job?

There are currently thousands of people all over the country who have just done the same degree as you and are now applying for all the same jobs. How do you make yourself stand out from the rest?

  • Tailor your CV and cover letter. I personally have about 8 CVs all for different types of jobs that I’m interested in, which I’ll tailor to whatever I’m applying for at the time, and the same goes for cover letters. If a job asks for a specific type of person, try and get the wording in your application somewhere (without outright copying it, of course – employers will see right through that).
  • Email companies you’re interested in. Even if they’re not advertising any jobs for your level of qualification, there’s absolutely no harm in popping across an email introducing yourself and asking them to keep you in mind if any suitable jobs come up. They might even offer you something that they’ve not yet advertised.
  • Don’t be afraid of rejection. It will happen. You’ve just got to keep going, something will come along eventually.
  • Be realistic. Yes, that might be the job of your dreams in the middle of London but most entry level jobs won’t pay enough for you to live in London, and can you afford/deal with the commute? If you can that’s great, but if it’s not feasible you might not enjoy it as much and it may be better to spend a year or two saving up some money.
  • Make your own experience. Employers will want as much demonstrable experience as you can give them, and that might mean volunteering or working for free to build up your CV. It sucks, but it’ll help in the long run.
  • Don’t forget about Job Centres. If you’ve left uni and are currently unemployed, you’re entitled to Job Seeker’s Allowance (with certain restrictions) and it’s definitely worth applying for. Not only will they financially contribute, making life a bit easier, they’ll give some really good advice and help you find a job as soon as you can.

Good luck and happy hunting!


I blog about fashion and beauty and I dye my hair a lot.

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