A Second Year’s Words of Wisdom

If you’re starting University this autumn and you’re scared about literally everything – don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

I feel like now, going into second year, I am finally wise enough to give helpful advice to scared freshers. There are, in fact, a number of things from last year I wish I approached differently. I thought you could learn from my mistakes and have a drama-free (well, maybe not quite!) first year.

1.It’s OK to stay at home.

If you’re one of those people who feel extremely uncomfortable during social events, it’s OK not wanting to go out all the time. Just like it’s OK if you don’t want to drink either. You’re the one in charge, don’t let immature and inexperienced freshers take over your life and decisions.

2. First year’s marks DO count.

Whoever said you only need a 40% to pass first year was completely wrong. Most Universities nowadays have Placement Years – meaning you could work for an entire year and get paid for it. And guess what? To apply for a Placement Year you need your first year’s marks. The higher the marks, the more chances you’ve got to actually get a decent internship.

3. Looking crap during lectures is FINE.

Take this from me, if there is one thing I’ve learned from last year is that I don’t need to wake up two hours before a lecture to pretend I work up looking flawless (let’s be honest, I’m no Beyoncé). It’s okay to make a good first impression, however your course mates are gonna appreciate your work, personality and ideas more than your looks – trust me.

4. Having different groups of friends is OK.

Hanging out with your house/flat mates is always nice and easy – yet not drama free. Spending 24/7 with someone you like can be fun, but not as fun as you think (I’m afraid you’re gonna have to trust me again on this one).
Join a society, learn how to play a sport, hang out with your course mates. Try and meet as many people as possible and don’t stick to your so called comfort zone friends (jokes, I think I just invented that word  – but you get the idea!).

5. A job is NOT necessary.

The amount of work you’re gonna have to do during first year is going to escalate pretty quickly and you’ll soon find yourself with no free time and one too many essays to write. Unless a job is absolutely vital for you (i.e. if you’re like me and don’t get any loans), I would suggest to take this year slowly. Don’t stress yourself out too much and focus on your course and work – you can always find a job next year!

So here are the most important things I’ve learned during my first year. I’ve stayed at home sober when I didn’t want to go out, I quit my job the second I realised it was stressing me out too much, I met new people, stopped caring about my looks (not until exams unfortunately) and smashed the year with a first overall.

See? I told you you could trust me.


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