How to: look for housing as a fresher

Looking for housing as a fresher is tough. A lot of universities don’t have enough space in halls for all their freshers, so you’re left with the tough option of having to find a house. If you know people going to the same uni as you who are in the same situation, it’s great. If not, you’re going to end up with complete strangers. Here are some tips that should help you out while looking for a house.

  • Don’t rush into signing for the first one you find. Time might be running out, but it’s always worth viewing a house before signing a contract. You might find all sorts of problems when you view it that you just can’t tell from photos.
  • Don’t move into a damp house. Even if you think you have no other options, a damp house will make you ill, it’ll be cold, and it’ll ruin your clothes and possessions. It’s not worth the stress, especially if you can’t afford heating.
  • Do try and make friends before you house hunt. There are loads of Facebook pages for each university full of people in the same boat as you. Talk to a few before you agree to look for a house together because you’ll want to live with people you get on with!
  • Do try and view houses in a group. A lot of landlords will only accept people in groups – here is where making friends comes in handy. Also, if you meet up with your potential housemates before agreeing to live with them for a year, you’ll be able to see if you get on well or not.
  • Don’t move into a house you can’t afford! It sounds obvious, but a lot of students move into places they can’t afford under the assumption that they’ll scrape together the money from somewhere. University is an expensive experience and not being able to afford your own house is not a worry you want hanging on your shoulders.

Go forth and find your suitable housing!


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