3 Ingredient Pancakes (Vegan + Idiot Proof)

Being Vegan isn’t always easy – especially when you decide to go out and eat at a nice restaurant.

I personally struggle a lot when I go out for breakfast. Between eggs, bacon and butter there isn’t much choice. So I decided to start making my own ‘fancy’ breakfast at home and I mastered in the art of Vegan Pancakes.

These pancakes are easy, simple and idiot proof (perfect for everyone – even meat eaters) and they only contain 3 ingredients.
What you’ll need is:

2 ripe Bananas
40g of oats
dash of soya milk (or whichever milk takes your fancy really!)

All you’re gonna have to do is mash the bananas with a fork (be careful NOT to use a mixer), add the oats and milk and you’re pretty much done.
I sometimes add some dark chocolate chips to make them extra nice but you could add anything you want.

I then use a drop of vegetable oil in the pan instead of butter and let my pancakes cook until they’re bronzed.
Top them up with some fresh berries and jam and you’re done!

They’re easy, cheap and so so nice (trust me – I don’t lie when it comes to food.)
Literally one of my favourite breakfasts: they fill me up and I don’t even feel guilty after eating them.

It’s just a win win if you ask me.


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