Making your Twitter employer-friendly

After studying Journalism at university for 3 years, there was one thing that really stuck in my mind – and this was that employers check all of your social media platforms before, during (and sometimes)  after your employment has terminated.

More often than not, university lecturers  (literally) lecture you on how employers will always have a look at your social media platforms before hiring you.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of this, I suggest you continue reading – as your social media platforms could determine whether you get the job, or whether you even keep the job that you’re currently at.

After working at AllSaints whilst at university for around 9 months, I remember reading my contract as though it were yesterday, as there was a clause referring to social media, and it basically said that if you bad-mouth the company, colleagues or the workplace in general that it could result in disciplinary action – or words to that effect, don’t hold me to it.

I then remembered a conversation I had with my employer a year prior to this, at a different job, where I was told the first thing they did was look on my Facebook to ‘see what kind of person I was’. Thankfully, I must have been alright – otherwise they wouldn’t have hired me.

I suppose this long-winded introduction is basically saying that there ARE ways to make your social media platforms fool proof, and ensure that when an employer does look at your profile, they’re only seeing the ‘best bits’ so to speak.

Facebook is pretty easy to keep clean – just make sure you don’t accept anybody suspicious who could be your boss, and that you restrict your content to friends only. Self – explanatory really.

Twitter, is slightly more tricky. People who have private Twitters – in my opinion, shouldn’t have one. The whole point of the platform is for others to see what you write, so making it private just makes it all a bit pointless in my eyes.

If you are like me, and not about that private life, then you can install various tweet cleaners that work automatically with your profile.

I’ve had my Twitter since 2009, and had over 10k tweets. My tweet cleaner makes sure that there are no more than about 500 tweets visible at a time, so not only does it make my Twitter tidier, it makes it impossible to find the awful embarrassing emojis  that I used to tweet when I was back in secondary school.

If you don’t know which one to go for – just search ‘tweet cleaner’ on google and try out the various ones. Just make sure they don’t post spammy tweets to your profile and you’re half way there.

Another way to make it employer-friendly is to AVOID talking about your place of works name. And by name, I mean don’t tweet about how much you hate Sharon at Barclays (for e.g., I actually have nothing against Barclays or anyone called Sharon) but you see what I’m saying.

By mentioning a certain place of work, and also mentioning a persons name can make it appear higher on someones twitter feed, and actually makes you more searchable. Also, if you ‘@’ your place of work within your bio, it also makes you easier to find.

So in a nutshell, keep it simple – don’t talk crap about your co-workers in blatant sight and use a tweet cleaner to make sure everything is tip-top!



Claire Stapley

Creator of

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