Help I’m A Student X Simply Cook

Help I’m A Student have teamed up with the wonderful, Simply Cook. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, just keep reading and we’re sure that you’ll want to purchase from these guys in the future!

Simply Cook are a company who deliver exciting, easy to follow recipes, straight to your door!

They’ll send you a convenient box that contains all the herbs, spices and marinades you’ll need so all you have to do is add a couple of fresh ingredients and you’ll be whipping up some culinary delights in no time.

We heard about this innovative idea and felt as though students needed this. Being recent Graduates, we know oh too well the the cooking habits that students go through and feel that Simply Cook are onto something big.

As many of you students & grads already know, cooking nice food at university or college can be expensive. Most herbs and spices cost a couple of pounds a piece, and when making intricate meals, you end up pricing yourself out and sticking to the staple of pesto-pasta, which of course – is tasty, but can be boring after having it 5 days on the trot..

Simply Cook have tackled the issue with both hands, not only dishing out some of the finest concoctions of herbs and spices, but also in refreshing your palate and presenting a wider range of recipes for unknown dishes, that are so simple (and so easy to do in your student kitchen).

When you receive your box you’ll be given four different herb/spice/marinade selections (dependent on the dish); with the boxes comes a detailed flyer containing an easy, tear-off shopping list and an easy to follow recipe.

When you sign up for the first time, they’ll even incorporate your dietary requirements; so if you’re gluten free, a vegetarian, or someone who wants all your meals to be under 600 calories, you’re sorted. Simply Cook can tailor a pack to suit your direct needs and inspire you to do more in the kitchen.

It all seems to good to be true, so we thought we’d give it a go ourselves. We’ve managed to get a hold of a box so each week, we’ll bring to you a different dish that Simply Cook have to offer. We’ll follow the instructions exactly as they come and we’ll present to you the complete, finished article and let you know what we think.


The founders of H.I.A.S

Matt Rhodes

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