Review: Simply Cook’s BBQ Tandoori Chicken

Good afternoon – and welcome to our first installation of many reviews from Simply Cook’s amazing meal kits. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, please read this post to familiarize yourself with this brand that we have chosen to work with!

We started off with the BBQ Tandoori Chicken kit.

Shopping for this was ridiculously easy – a little strip to peel off the top of the recipe card (see pic) to take with you to the shops.

All we had to get were a couple of sweet potatoes, some chicken and some natural yogurt. We already had the other ingredients on the list at home.

This was painless and done on our commute home. Here is a picture of all the things we needed (apart from lettuce, we forgot to put that one in!)


We followed the instructions, which again, were so easy to follow. The only thing we didn’t adhere to was leaving the chicken to marinate for hours – purely because we were starving and didn’t want to eat too late.

It advises you on the card to leave for as long as possible, and the most we could manage was 20 mins.

The fact that this recipe was so simple meant that we had cleared up the whole kitchen in less than 10 mins, with no mess from using different utensils like you would if you were doing this from scratch, and the plastic pots from the flavor blends we just put in the recycling.

This is how it came out:



The chicken was so full of flavor, and wasn’t dry at all! All the juice you see is what was in the baking tray, we didn’t add anything else to it apart from what was advised on the recipe card.

The sweet potatoes were crispy, and the seasoning ended up doing twice the amount of potatoes than it said on the recipe card, which is a bonus for us because we love carbs.

We got four portions out of this, which meant the two of us had dinner as well as lunch for the next day.

As we have both recently graduated, we found that this concept is not just great for university students, but university graduates too.

Our busy schedules mean that we don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen, as we juggle our full time careers alongside this website.

It also cuts out a lot of mess and unnecessary spending on more upmarket pastes and spices that you would need to create this kind of dish.

If you want to try this out for yourself, follow this link here and claim your trail box and tell us what you think. 

Next week we’ll be trying another recipe, and letting you know what we think!

Founders of H.I.A.S


Claire Stapley


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