Vegan Stew: Tasty and Warm

Despite what people say, there are thousands and thousands dishes you can make meat-free or completely vegan.
And, my friends, stew is one of them.

This is my mum’s recipe and a typical Italian dish which has always been vegan and no one ever complained about it.
Commonly called ‘Ciambotta’, this dish is basically a vegetable stew which can be eaten as a main or simply as a side.

All you’re going to need is:

1 Onion
2 Potatoes
1 Courgette
1 Aubergine
1 Red Pepper
1 Can of Tomato Passata
A pinch of salt and pepper

Chop all your vegetables, put them in a pan with salt, pepper and passata and let it cook for 30-45 minutes or until all the vegetables are soft and the passata is not liquid anymore. Just make sure you check it and stir it every once in a while so that the vegetables don’t burn or get stuck at the bottom of the pan.

This is one of my favourite dishes and it’s so easy to make and customise. You can add pretty much any vegetables you want – it goes well with everything.

Healthy, tasty and very simple to make. What more are you looking for?


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