5 Lifesaver Foods During Exam Period

As most of you would know already, the exam period isn’t exactly an easy one and, with all the pressure that weighs on your shoulders, it usually gets pretty hard to say no to those attractive vending machines – don’t lie, you know you had one chocolate bar too many. You also should know by now that you just can’t rely on delivery pizza forever, even though it tastes like heaven on earth, or mouth maybe *wink wink* , and looks like the only affordable thing.

What to do then? Don’t worry, Auntie Alex has your back covered! After a two-year experience, here’s what I’d totally call my lifesavers – delicious, easy and quick!


  • Buttered toast + strawberry jam

They are super easy and quick to make in the morning: just stuff them in your bag and take them out during those study sessions. I promise you won’t miss the hyper sugared treats!


  • Couscous

Couscous is basically the African equivalent to pasta: you can pair it up with anything, it still tastes delicious – and takes approximately 2 minutes to make!


  • Pasta

Ok, that was predictable, but you know, you don’t need to always add tomato sauce or pesto to it: try tuna and olives or fresh tomatoes and cheese instead – trust me, I’m Italian.


  • Quiche

Despite its fancy name, a quiche is the ideal meal when you’re out of both time and proper food: all you need is an egg, leftovers and a pan. Quite easy, isn’t it?


  • Meatballs (or courgette-balls)

Contrary to common belief, meatballs don’t belong exclusively to IKEA. In fact, you only need to roll some minced meat, immerse it in egg and then either fry it or cook it with tomato sauce. For its vegan version just use courgettes and beans instead of meat and egg!


Remember to always make more than you need so, in case you had a pretty bad day and have no intention to cook at all, you still won’t starve to death!


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