Review: Simply Cook’s Bokkeumbap

Let’s start off by saying it took a few times to spell the title of this dish right – but without further ado, here is our second installation of reviews for Simply Cook, who we will be reviewing once a week as we try out their different recipes!

If you don’t know who they are, please read this post to learn more.

After a long day at the office, we decided to go for one of the quicker options – Bokkeumbap, which is basically stir fried rice but extra tasty with a fancy name.

It was convenient because we had rice leftover from our dinner the night before, and was a quick thing to cook up and not too overpowering in the summer heat that we’ve all been complaining about for the last week.

We were going to do a before photo – but it literally was an egg, some spring onions, cabbage, veg of your choice and rice. It was recommended as a leftover dish – and was probably the cheapest thing we have ever cooked apart from super-noodles, which is a bonus as super-noodles are actually quite bad for you..

Again, like the bbq tandoori chicken we cooked last week, there was definitely enough to feed more than two people, so we took some for our lunches the next day. The flavors were great. Not too spicy either!

Another pro of this dish is you could have it without the egg and it would still taste unreal – something you could have for lunch, dinner and I would even go as far to say that it tastes better than most takeaway stir fry rice that you would get as a student.

Another great pro is that this dish is vegetarian, which automatically makes it cheaper as we all know that meat costs an absolute bomb when you are surviving off a next to nothing student loan.


(we made it look artistic because – why not?) excuse the lighting. It was quite late when we were cooking.

We would recommend this meal to students mostly, but also graduates, purely because it fills the gap, actually gives you some nutrients unlike most student foods and tastes a-mazing. Rice is also a ‘healthier’ carb than pasta, so great if you’re trying to cut the calories down a little.

For graduates – this is so nice to take for your lunches to work, and looks like you actually have your life together in front of your co-workers (well at least that’s how I felt today during my lunch break)…

Just like the meal, this is a short and sweet review because we really can’t fault something so tasty and simplistic. Comparing it to the BBQ chicken we would say that this is the quickest out of the two so far, but in terms of filling you up we would say that the BBQ chicken triumphs slightly (mostly because we just love chicken anyway.)

If you want to try this out for yourself, follow this link  and claim your first free box..

See you next week,

the founders of H.I.A.S.


Claire Stapley


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