A/W 16: Trends and Dupes

Autumn is pretty much here and any fashion lover out there will understand the struggle of wanting to buy almost an entire new wardrobe full of trends. Unfortunately, being a fashionista on a budget is never easy – how on earth will you be able to afford that new Céline bag?!

Fortunately, I found some pretty decent and very affordable dupes – even for a student on a budget!

  1. Ballet ShoesI have this love/hate relationship with Miu Miu. I love it because all the pieces are pretty much flawless and I hate it for the same reason. Ballet shoes are a big (and my big I mean massive) AW trend – also helps the fact that they look adorable! Thanks to Miu Miu, they’re all I want to wear. Unfortunately, Miu Miu’s edition are slightly too expensive for me. Luckily, Zara keeps on making some pretty awesome dupes (both in black and pink).
  2. Patched JacketYou probably saw this trend everywhere already: pins, patches and embroidery are extremely in right now. But where can you find something affordable? Zara and ASOS are the perfect place for it.
    And, to be honest, the more the merrier. Don’t just get a patched jacket – get everything else too!
  3. Combat BootsLouis Vuitton is the one to blame here. If you had a look at his latest runaway you know how amazing those models looked with evening wear and yes, combat boots! However, unless you wanted to spend almost £1,000 on a pair of Louis Vuitton Boots, ASOS has some pretty good alternatives – including Vagabond and Jeffrey Campbell.
  4. BackpacksI’ve personally always loved backpacks and now, thanks to Burberry, they’re ten thousand times cooler than before. However, instead of this epic Burberry Backpack, I found its cheaper version. It’s New Look and it’s pretty much the same (but £875 less!)
  5. LoafersI’m sure all your favourite fashion bloggers have been rocking at least one pair of Gucci Loafers this summer. Whether it’s a backless version or a mid-heel pump, everyone went crazy about these shoes. Topshop has outdone itself by not just making the backless loafer, but also the heel pump!


Whichever trend you decide to follow this fall, don’t worry: there is a dupe out there somewhere. Just remember to check out your favourite high street stores and do some online shopping and you’ll be just fine.


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