Sofar Sounds: Live Music On a Budget

Living the student life can be a bit of a struggle sometimes, what with all the essays, exams and projects and not forgetting the monetary stresses with accommodation, living costs and the life-saving overdraft. But instead of worrying about all that, how about you get out of the house and go and see some live music from some independent, upcoming artists, because I can’t think of anything better to do.

Sofar Sounds, which stands for ‘Songs From A Room’, are a relatively new music events company, who aim to set up intimate gigs across the country and across the world, bringing fans that much closer to the artists. They claim a ‘Sofar’ as “an intimate event where the best new (upcoming) artists perform in unique spaces to an audience of music lovers”.

And when they say ‘unique spaces’, these can be anywhere from an abandoned warehouse or office block, to someone’s living room or even their attic. The hosts of the spaces will apply online, as a way of agreeing to have the Sofar in their home, giving the company an idea of the capacity of the venue, while the artists will do the same by sending some of their music to Sofar Sounds and choosing to play in a certain city.

So if your student crib has a bit of extra space in the living room (you might need to move the sofas about a bit), or you are an aspiring new musician with a few songs under your belt then head to their website and get involved!

But if you are a just a student looking for a bit of live music, the process is a piece of piss. And the best thing about these Sofar events is you can apply for the tickets and receive them without paying a single penny. Yeah, that’s right, you heard me, completely FREE! – the favourite word of any student.

All you need to do is head to their website, choose your city, find a date that works for you, and apply for it. Now if you are feeling like a baller this month then you can pay for the tickets which guarantees you a place, whereas applying for a free ticket puts you into a draw, so there could be a possibility that you don’t get a ticket, depending on the turnout for the event.

A few more things to mention, which I think are pretty awesome. Firstly, the location of the gig is only released the day before it happens. You’ll have a rough idea beforehand but you will receive an email with directions to the exact location the day before. And secondly, all the events are BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze), so head down the local supermarket on the way and pick up your four pack of Strong Bow Dark Fruit and you’ll be well on your way to a good night on a budget.

So rather than sitting at home and procrastinating about life with your housemates, grab a coat and head out to a Sofar event to open your eyes to the musical talent scattered about your city.

For anymore information just head to their website and I’m sure they can answer any questions you’ve got:



Guy Thornbury-Phillips

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