Mushroom Risotto

Rice can be a bit of a tricky one – it fills you up without making you feel too bloated but it takes ages to cook!

However, let me introduce you to one of his family members: risotto.
Risotto is one of the many different kinds of rice with a couple of differences, it tastes divine and it doesn’t take as long. And the good thing about it is that you can add pretty much everything you like.


1 vegetable stock
1 onion or shallot 
1 portion of risotto rice
1/2 pack of mushrooms (or any other vegetable you decide to put in)

Slice the onion and let it fry slightly until it softens, at the same time boil some water and let the vegetable stock dissolve in it. Once the onion is ready, add risotto rice and cook it adding a bit of boiling water and vegetable stock at a time. Halfway through, add the diced mushrooms to the pan and cook them with the rice. You’ll know it’s ready when the rice soaks up all the water and all you’re left with is a thick rice mixture.

So easy and tasty – I have been making it every week for the past year or so.
If you don’t like mushrooms you can always try making it with sweet corn, spinach and asparagus or, as I said earlier, anything you really like.


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