Closure of Fabric – are you agreeing with this?

When it comes to the majority of the news, unless it’s student related – we don’t normally cover it.

The closure of Fabric is one that we feel has struck a nerve with a majority of people. Namely students and young people who visited and loved the club.

Some have said it’s pre-meditated, some have said it’s a personal attack on Fabric itself, and some really don’t know how to react to it at all.

Unfortunately, I’m the latter – I’ve never actually been to the club myself, but after seeing the majority of articles constantly mentioning drugs being the root of the problem – I can’t help but think this was the easier path to go down when finding a reason to close it.

“There is a culture of drugs at fabric which management cannot control,” – 

Licensing sub-committee Chair Flora Williamson said in a closing statement.

Don’t get me wrong, death by drugs is awful. It’s heart breaking – but you cannot blame a club for people taking drugs and dying from it.

People take drugs every day, in the office, at bars and pubs – but that is always glazed over, as if snorting cocaine never happens in London offices.

If you have been to Fabric, or clubs that run similar nights such as MOS, Egg, Tobacco Docks & so on – you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say security can only be so tight.

If someone wants to take drugs, or sell drugs – they will find a way to get them in. No level of security is going to stop that.

I think it’s time we changed our stance on drugs instead of ruining UK nightlife.

The root of the problem isn’t drugs, it never has been – the problem is that we are not educating people on substances, and the club scene suffers endlessly because of this, as it’s  always the easy way out.

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Claire Stapley

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