Welcome to Culture

Welcome to the brand spanking new Culture section of HelpImAStudent!

Everyone lives with culture, they create culture, they enjoy culture. If you don’t enjoy the culture of life, then you’re a little odd. Music, events, art and everything beautiful with the world is going to be on this page.

Music is a way to escape. A way to escape from the struggles of student life, not only that, but life in general. We are going to be updating you with new budget music gigs and events on a regular basis, with the keyword there being ‘budget’, so that you don’t have to stretch that wallet out too far. We will also be covering general news in the fast-paced world of the music industry, to keep you updated so you don’t miss a thing.

Regular events will be posted here to keep you lot busy while you are enjoying your life at university. It will be concentrating on the London scene with gigs, art exhibitions, food fayres, beer festivals etc. but also focusing on other special locations across the country. The main reason behind this is to try and get you out of the house instead of staying in and watching Come Dine With Me repeats, because we all know that guilty pleasure.

I hope you enjoy and revisit this page to keep you in the know-how of the flourishing culture scene of university.









Guy Thornbury-Phillips

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