Kitchen Staples: Rice Flour

Being gluten intolerant is not fun, trust me. Eating out is always tricky – I always need to check beforehand if the restaurant has a gluten-free menu or option.
Nowadays, though, supermarkets are quite spot on with their ‘Free From‘ section. I have to say my two favourite ones at the moment are Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Despite the difficulty, eating gluten-free has made me realise how much better I feel and how bloated I was before. People often think they’re bloated because of  carbs – well, I am pleased to let you know it’s all gluten’s fault.
Gluten is, in fact, very hard to digest and it can end up making us feel bloated, extremely full or, in my case, very sick.

I recently found a flour substitute I really like and I thought it was worth a share. I can honestly say I am absolutely in love with Rice Flour.
Compared to normal gluten-free flours, rice flour is slightly cheaper (£1.75 for 1kg in Sainsbury’s) but it still does the job. Because it’s gluten-free, it’s a little bit harder to work with because it doesn’t completely stick together. However, it fills you up so quickly and it still tastes like plain flour. It was perfect for the homemade pizza I made the other day!

Whether you’re gluten intolerant, allergic or just wanting to try something different – this flour is so good.
I would highly recommend trying to go gluten-free for a short period of time to see how your body reacts to it – it has helped me so much and I know it works wonder for people who often struggle to lose weight too.


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