BFI London Film Festival

Now we all like sitting down on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and a biscuit to watch any old heart-warming family movie (usually ‘The Mummy’, which should definitely win the award for the most repeated movie on TV) and then on the odd occasion we will venture out of our student caves and make a day of it by going to the cinema.

Anyway, if you are someone that appreciates an impressive piece of cinematography, or gets a little too excited over a contemporary movie sound track then the 60th BFI (British Film Institute) London Film Festival might be worth a visit.

The title of the event is slightly misleading for us students because as soon as we hear the word ‘festival’ we imagine a large expanse of land with numerous amounts of tents holding an array of different acts. However, this one runs slightly differently.

The film festival is from 5-16 October with each day holding a wide selection of movies in various different locations around London including Leicester Square, Southbank, Mayfair and most impressively Victoria Embankment Gardens where a pop-up cinema is being built with top class surround sound and 4k digital projection, which basically means it is going to be pretty insane!

All the films being shown have been selected by the British Film Institute as a way of appreciating and supporting British cinema, ranging from well-known directors to the more independent indy projects that we all like to dip our toes into.

Sooooo, if you are feeling at all excited about any of this, tickets become available on 15th September (3 days to go!). They have not hinted at prices yet so we can’t give you guys a guestimate of whether it will be within the student budget but just keep your eyes peeled.

Interestingly, the BFI is also incorporating a new project this year called Black Star, celebrating the range, versatility and power of black actors. After all the recent media coverage concerning the issues of black actors recently, it seems very appropriate for the festival to launch such a project.

Anyway, if you are up for a little adventure into the beautiful world of British cinema, get your skates on and head to their website: –  where you can find all the info you need. It’s just the popcorn that you might need to sort out yourself.

Happy film-watching my fellow students!

Guy Thornbury-Phillips

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