Aggressive security and stripped back stages: Bestival goers aren’t happy with this year’s weekend.

Bestival – the ‘best festival’, known for it’s vast location, glitter, sequins, hippy vibes and perfect line up seemed to have lost it’s spark this year, with the majority of people writing long, disappointed reviews on the festivals’ Facebook page.

One girl wrote:

“Temple Island’s sound had me second guessing whether all the lambrini had caused me permanent deaf damage.
The VIP section was just bizarre, coachella it aint. But another bar or stage it could of definitely been.
The most mud I’ve ever seen there, but that was probably due to the addition of 40,000 people’s tears falling to the ground when they realised they’d spent £200 on a ticket for a festival half the size.

It’s safe to say the magic was well and truly lost this year and I hate that I’ve become that person who rants on a review but I think we all just want to make sure the magic and quirkiness and campness that makes Bestival so great not disappear forever.”

Another boy said:

“The staff were terrible, treating everyone like you were in a prison. Searching tents/people just for making too much noise. The worst of all was the main stage…. I actually felt embarrassed of how much I spoke of this incredible stage……”

The reviews go on. Each person picking out that Bestival’s magic had gone, and they would not be returning back in 2017.

After visiting Bestival myself this year for the second time running, myself and the group of friends that I went with said on the Sunday night that it just wasn’t the same vibe as it was last year.

People were scatty, I was surrounded by 14 year old’s on the hunt for cigarettes, and two of my friends were robbed of their personal belongings.

It didn’t feel as safe as last year, and you could tell that the stages were smaller, and not full of the wonderful decorations and sparkle that they had last year.

I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy myself, because it was still a great weekend. But it most definitely didn’t feel like Bestival.

Did you go? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts. x

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Claire Stapley

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