Top 10 Ingredients You’ll Always Need At University

Being at University doesn’t necessarily mean eating rubbish food for the whole year. In fact, cooking a decent meal in a short amount of time is possible – and, at times, really delicious!

Despite your insecurities, pretty much anyone is able to cook something. Whether that something is pasta or fried eggs, the point is that you can cook. You only need the right ingredients!

When I moved in last year and I went out for my first food shop, I was overwhelmed by the amount of food there was – I just wasn’t sure about what I was going to need and what I could potentially buy another day.
However, I learned my lesson and, after many food shops, I can help you figuring out what you really need in your cupboard.

  1. Pasta 

    The thing with pasta is that you can’t go wrong. It takes so little and you can pair it with everything!

  2. Salt & Pepper

    In order for something to taste nice you have to season it. In order for you to season your dish you’re going to need some salt and pepper. Trust me, it’s a great investment! (Plus you  can use that salt for your Tequila shots as well, right?)
  3. Tomato Passata

    Whether you use it for your pasta toppings or as a base for your pizza, Tomato Passata always comes in handy when you less expect it!
  4. Frozen Vegetables

    If you’re one of those people struggling to incorporate vegetables in your 5 a day, why don’t you try some frozen vegetables? You don’t have to cut them or cook them or do anything else with them you don’t want to. Stick them in the microwave until they defrost and you’re done! Perfect side to your dinner.
  5. Bread

    Bread is the one thing I cannot live without. It’s so easy to prepare and you can eat it pretty much whenever you want. Breakfast, lunch, dinner! Which brings me to the next point…
  6. Spreads

    Always, always, always have a spread in your fridge. From jams to butter (even avocado spread!), you’ll find them helpful at times when you’re too broke to afford any other decent food.
  7. Oats/Cereals

    If you’re not a toast person, you might want to buy some oats or cereals for breakfast. You know, just so that you don’t starve during your 9ams.
  8. Spices/Herbs

    When you cook, spices and herbs are pretty much vital… Just like salt and pepper.
  9. Frozen Meat

    I tend to buy soya products but, if you’re a meat lover, frozen meat and/or fish will save your life. Especially when you come home late and don’t have the strength to cook anything at all. And, last but not least…
  10. Tea

    I personally don’t function until I drink my beloved cup of tea or coffee in the morning. You can never go wrong with a good, old cup of tea.


These are my top 10 ingredients you should always have in your cupboard, just make sure you never run out and you’ll do just fine. These are ingredients that will go with everything else you decide to buy for your lunch or dinner, so that’s you sorted then.


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