10 Things I Wish I Was Told As A Fresher

As a graduate, who holds down a 9-5 and regularly lives for the weekend, I have time during my mundane commute to and from work to reflect on University, and how my life has come to where it is so far.

Graduate life right now is pretty depressing, and it’s even more depressing when you see tweets and Facebook posts from people taking selfies in their student halls. It hits you right in the feels, and makes you feel ancient, and you know, deep down that you are slowly morphing into an adult.

I enjoy ironing, I can no longer drink a bottle of wine and feel sober, I like scrabble, I feel like I’m too old to say ‘Lol’. The list goes on.

Nevertheless, my first year of uni was always the best out of the three, so here are 10 things I wish I was told as a fresher:

1 – Do not be naive to think that university is completely different than school: People are still going to back stab you, cheat on you, disrespect you. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns – be savvy and make friends with people who make you feel good about yourself.

2 – Don’t forget where you’ve come from: Don’t get me wrong, leaving home and moving away was amazing, but staying in touch with my friends from home actually helped me through some of the most difficult times.

3 – Creating drama doesn’t make you a big shot: A difficult lesson I learned. Just be nice to people. Remember you’re all in the same boat and that uni is a small place, negative statements = negative outcomes.

4 – Enjoy your time on your own: Being away from your family and finding what you like to do is great. Moving home after graduation will make you appreciate the 3 years you had to ‘find yourself’

5 –  Club bands on your arm look silly: I’m sorry – they will never be a ‘thing’.

6 – Don’t do retail: s o u l d e s t r o y i n g. Get a social job. Be a promoter – work in a bar. Save the mundane jobs with 0 night life for when you graduate.

7 – You don’t have to ask to go to the toilet:  A lesson I learned in one of my first lectures, where my lecturer laughed at me, told me to not call him sir and said that I didn’t need to ask permission to use the toilet.

8 – Don’t waste your money on new textbooks: Pointless, expensive. Buy a jaegerbomb & rent the book from the library instead.

9 – Berocca can seriously cure a hangover: That and a paracetamol, it’s really that simple.

10 – Don’t allow anyone to stop you from having fun: If you want to go out, go out. If you want to stay in, stay in. Do you!

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Claire Stapley

Creator of helpimastudent.com

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