Coffee shop in a urinal? – London’s Hidden Gems

London students – looking for a coffee shop in-between lectures which is affordable, tasty & Insta-grammable (yes, that really seems to count nowadays) seems to lead you back to the usual suspects. Try something new – head over to the Attendant. 

Located in the depths of central London (they also have one in Shoreditch), this quirky coffee shop is underground, in a converted urinal.

Some might say disgusting, I say – a great use of space.

This gem not only serves great tasting coffee and light bites, but it’s also a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of London if you just need some peace and serenity in your life – and coffee that isn’t Starbucks.

Only negative – it’s a bit of a confusing one to get to if you’re using google maps – as you’re expecting to see a huge building, but in fact – it looks just like this:


Walk down the stairs, enjoy some coffee, & thank us later.

We’re here to make student living a little bit more enjoyable and quaint – one hidden gem at a time!

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Claire Stapley


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