Remedies for Freshers’ Flu.

So you’re probably at the end of your 2 week fresher’s fortnight, and you’ve woken up with something a bit more than a hangover. Welcome to freshers’ flu.

If you haven’t got it yet, you probably will have it in the next 24hrs. Embrace it. But – try to conquer it! There isn’t a bible remedy out there yet to soothe the effects of two weeks of solid drinking, going out, and kebab eating – but we can only give you a few seeds of wisdom and (of course) some quick fixes to help you beat FF that little bit quicker.

FF is pretty much the same as any normal cold, but on top of that – a hangover. So it’s a double whammy of pain, headaches and a dodgy stomach. Our first remedy is probably one of the oldest ones in the book – but is never gonna let you down. AND it’s affordable:

1 – Berocca, Lemon, Ginger & Honey tea, DRY toast/or w butter if you’re feeling fancy.

This is pretty much foolproof. Berocca isn’t the most flavorsome thing you’ll have, but it works an absolute dream if you have it first thing in the morning. Instant burst of vitamins will eradicate that headache and give you some temporary relief and energy. For the rest of the day we recommend making up some home made tea – which is actually cheaper than buying teabags anyway. Just buy 2 lemons, a small stick of ginger and bog-standard honey. Combine the juice of one lemon, a slice of lemon, a couple of slices of ginger and a drizzle of honey in boiling water. Stir – let it sit. And sip to your hearts content! Dry toast here is the bonus, obviously you can put whatever you want on the top, but toast never lets you down when you’re not feeling 100.

The second remedy is if you’re feeling more flu-ey rather than hungover, as this should really be taken on a full stomach (taking medication on an empty stomach never bodes well.). This is also on the slightly more expensive side, but – you’ll be flu-free in 24 hours. We guarantee it.

2 – Lemsip, fully loaded potatoes, day & night nurse.

Fact: Carbs pretty much make anything better. Especially potatoes. We recommend a sachet of lemsip in the morning to start getting you on the mend, and some super loaded potatoes like we have here to fill you up and make you feel warm inside. Finally, day nurse and night nurse are slightly more expensive, BUT – you will wake up feeling a lot more like yourself. These are strong – so make sure you only do the recommended dosage and don’t drink too many Lemsips!

The third remedy is for those who are vegetarian/vegan/super healthy (yes, these people exist at university strangely enough) and is probably the most ‘natural’ way of making yourself feel better.

3 – Smoothies, good old fashioned tea, soup.

We recommend one of these smoothies which you can switch up the liquids in, so if you want whole milk instead of soyal milk/coconut water you can. This is just a gluten-free/vegan option. Dose yourself up with some old fashioned English Breakfast tea or a Green tea, and fill yourself up with a nice warming bowl of soup. Delicious.

Though everyone has their own remedies on feeling better – these are the ones which are good to go for if you’re on a lower budget, can’t be bothered to cook a lot & feeling pretty sorry for yourself.

Remember that a good binge-watch of Netflix or BBC’s GBBO can also soothe the effects of Freshers’ Flu!

Happy recovery 🙂

Claire Stapley

Creator of

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