Graduating is Tough – Time to Find a Purpose

Finishing university, graduating and becoming a so-called ‘adult’ is an amazing achievement in the scheme of life. You can tick it off your life list, you’ve reached that milestone, and then………… what?

Since graduating I now call this period ‘limbo’ – the time between university and whatever you are going to do with your life. It is an exciting time, people tell me, but at the same time you can’t help feeling a bit lost, and I think I have worked out why.

You have been in education since you were 5 years old, and for me that means I have been studying, learning and joking around for a total of 17 years, which is over 75% of my life (77.27% to be exact). I don’t know about you but that seems like a really long time!

Anyway, I have come to terms to realise that throughout school and university, there is one thing that we have which we lose once we graduate.

Mr. Bieber knew it all along. His newest (and best) album sums up the one thing that we, as graduates, don’t have anymore –

A purpose.

Now that we have flown from the nest, with degree in hand, we don’t actually have a purpose. We are now the ones who have to find our own path, because no one is going to tell us what to do anymore.

When we were young whipper snappers in school, it gave us a purpose to leave the house, attend lessons, learn a bunch of stuff, do homework etc. All of these factors were designed to educate us, which is exactly what university has done.

University was another platform for us to learn, just with a lot more freedom. However, it still gave us a purpose. We had a reason to go to lectures, to spend endless hours in the library and to get drunk occasionally (by occasionally I mean regularly, sometimes daily).

And now we have lost that educational purpose.

I know it sounds all depressing but this is the point where this post flips upside down and becomes all positive.

Instead of looking at ourselves as ‘lost’, you can look at yourself as ‘free’. We are completely free from the chains of education and we can become whoever and whatever we dream of.

It is time to brew up a nice cup of tea and have a good long think about what you want to become, because now is the time to start that journey. Take those first steps into real life. Whether it is finding a job, travelling the world, or becoming a world class gymnast, you can do it, and the only person from stopping you – is YOU.

Go change the world you beautiful people!


Guy Thornbury-Phillips

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